Privacy Policy

We are staunchly pro-Internet privacy on We highly respect the right to digital privacy, and have implemented measures to ensure this view is upheld.

Note: Currently, we are not using any analytics software; our information about Matomo does not currently apply. This is subject to change.

We use analytics by the privacy-focused company Matomo, and we respect “Do Not Track” signals. If this is on in your browser, no analytics information is collected by us. In any case, we do not collect full IP addresses in our analytics, providing only general user information, which translates into no personally-identifying information.

If you have “Do Not Track” turned off, we will collect aggregate, non-personally-identifying information. We have configured our software to not collect personal information in the first place (the last two sections in your IP address are anonymized). If you allow us to collect general user information, this will help us run the website.

An alternative to “Do Not Track,” is an opt-out for this website specifically. (However, if “Do Not Track” is enabled, this option will not be available as it is not needed.)

The only advertisements we may have on our website are images or simple text ads. We do not use advertising platforms. If an advertisement is tracked, it will follow the same privacy guidelines detailed above.

We use commenting software by Hosted Comments. As noted on their about page: “We do not track or profile users and we do not run ads on sites that use our comments system.”

Thank you for reading this to ensure your privacy is respected at