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About is a new online magazine and community dedicated to the spreading of interesting ideas, and a cosmopolitan worldview. We value informed, contrarian perspectives, and new takes on old problems.
All types of ideas are welcome here. From philosophy to business, and technology to art, there is something for everyone. But, the content here is more about "depth" rather than "breadth." In other words, our articles are about exploring things more closely, rather than covering many topics at once, or in many articles. Such depth isn't as common. We'd like to create another space where it can thrive.

Since we are presently so new, we are looking for writers who would like to contribute. Anyone who is interested in writing for us, looking to advertise here, or would like to send any other inquiry, please fill out the contact form below.

If you're interested in helping out in a different way, we accept donations! Please see this link here to donate.